About Us

Our History

Fogues emerged at the beginning of 2018, almost by chance, never imagining where it would lead to.

Since childhood, fire has always been something that has attracted and hypnotised me. I have also always being a lover of tools and great food. Uniting these three passions is how I created my first grill...a labour of love which took eight months to come to fruition.

My family and friends enjoyed this new experience as much as I did, so we thought that making one for the club where I grew up could be a great idea.

That is how my second grill came about and after several gatherings with the grill being the exciting centrepiece bringing people together, I realised a new project had been born …

Now we ship around the globe, giving every grill lover the chance to join us on this magnificent experience, where grilling, family and friendship come together.  Enjoy life around Fogues.